my three poems


She was sweet like candy

But not as sweet as cotton candy

She was tall like a giraffe

but not as tall as a cloud


Nothing makes me happier than my cat 

She’s a little fat 

On my lap is where she sat 

 Fluffy is a little brat 

But I love her and that is that 


I have school today 

I never want to go to school

I’m going to be so bored 

I might die of boredom 

Or from the food 

I don’t know which is worse 


About The EduBlog Challenge


The edublog challenge was really fun this is the last week to do it and I had a good time doing  it . 


The edublog challenge themes:

  1. Create your own avatar 
  3. Images
  4. Free Choice 


                               These were the edublog challenge themes

About Images

People think that images for blogs are free but actually there not, well some are not at least.  When you google a picture for your blog it is not always free, but her are some sites for pictures.




You can also make your own image from google drawing  This is a link for google drawing.

5th Grade Is Almost Over

      We have 2 more days left of 5th grade. We will be 6th graders next year.  5th grade was a lot fun. My Teachers were Mrs. Harrod and Mr. Farmer. We got to go to Camp kern.  Mrs. Harrod was really nice and funny. Mr.Farmer was also really nice and funny. Also in 5th grade we did lots of fun activities for Earth Week like reading to younger grade levels. I read to 4th grade Mr. Larmer’s  class and Mrs. Cornell’s class. I read Water Dance to both class. I am going to miss 5th grade.

What I’m Doing Over The Summer

    Over the summer I am going to Florida.  I am going to Florida to visit my grandpa. At Florida I am going to the beach.   When I go to the beach I always look for seashells to bring home. I also look at fish in the ocean. I am excited for Florida.

About How Amazing Amina’s Voice Is

      Yesterday I finish Amina’s Voice  it was a really awesome book in my opinion.  In the book this girl name Amina is in chores and they do solos.  Her best friend soojin thinks she should do solo but, Amina does not like to sing in front of people by herself.  Amina is a good piano player.  Amina’s uncle comes over for a few mounts. Soojin wants to change her name to something more american than Soojin.  Soojin starts hanging out with this other girl named Emily and Amina starts getting jealous. Soojin still hangs out with Amina though. This is a amazing book.

About Global Adventure Day

Tomorrow is Global Adventure Day.  On Global Adventure Day different grades and class learn about countries from all around the word like, Africa, Australia, and others.  In 5th grade i’m not sure until tomorrow we learn about.  If you’re in 5th grade we go in different 5th grade classes and learn about the country. So do other grade.  We do fun activities.

About How Fun Camp Kern Was

Camp Kern was so so fun.  The consolers we so nice there.  The food there was good too.                                        

Things that were fun:

1.The activides

2.Cabin Time


4.Living History

5.The Pioneer Game

6.The Bond Fire